Farès K Moussa

Board Member

After a short spell at the Cabinet Office,  Farès went on to work for over six years at the Royal Opera House (ROH) as a House Manager, with directly delegated shared operational responsibility for the Opera House, with particular attention to visiting companies, commercial events, contingency planning, Health & Safety and Front of House. He played an active role in liaison with the London theatre community and co-convening courses in arts administration for the Royal Ballet School and Kings College London.

He was twice an elected Councillor of the London Borough of Sutton, where he was Chair of the Scrutiny and Corporate Finance committee, overviewing a budget of over £170m.

Farès holds degrees in anthropology and archaeology and studied for his doctorate on religious art at the University of Edinburgh and École normale supérieure in Paris. He continues to research and write, with a particular expertise and interest in ancient and contemporary artistic practices. Farès was born in Tunisia, moving to London when he was a child. He has lived in Edinburgh for over ten years.

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