Leith Theatre has a dream you can help make come true!

We want to make the Leith Theatre complex as vibrant and exciting as possible for those who live in Leith and for the city of Edinburgh.

Our aim is to refurbish the beautiful main auditorium and reopen it to provide a series of spaces which can host a wide range of arts, education and events.

In the future we aim to return the building to a use which will add value to the Leith Community and generate business in the area. We welcome ideas and contributions from anyone who would like to programme in the venue, volunteer or donate to support us realising this vision.

Leith Theatre Trust was established in 2004 as a community trust to examine the options for the re-use of the theatre complex and its various spaces.

Following an extensive feasibility exercise, which demonstrated that there is a viable future for the theatre, the Council’s Leisure and Cultural Services Committee voted at the end of April 2012 to begin negotiations to grant the Trust a 5-year licence over the theatre in order to develop these ideas. The Leith Theatre Trust took over the lease from City of Edinburgh Council on 18 January 2016.

Please DONATE to support our cause and become an important part of Leith’s bright future.