Leith Theatre is on its way to once again becoming a versatile and lively creative hub for Leith. Support its future by coming to gigs, festivals, exhibitions and events here, hiring the space for your events, volunteering, donating and spreading the word!


Photography provided by Rachel Hein, Chris Scott and Deborah Mullen



Whether its a big wedding, an intimate tying of the knot, a retirement party, launch, reception or ceilidh we have spaces for hire.

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Great nights out, and support Leith Theatre all in a one-er. Find out more!

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The complex is full of wonderful art deco details and a lot of it is in good shape. We hope to restore the main auditorium and backstage areas to give Leith a 1,200 seater auditorium space with charm.

In our bid to bring the theatre back to full use and life these fabulous people have joined the campaign as Ambassadors. Meet the Theatre's star supporters.

We want to make the Leith Theatre complex as vibrant and exciting as possible for those who live in Leith and for the city of Edinburgh.

Our aim is to refurbish the beautiful main auditorium and reopen it to provide a series of spaces which can host a wide range of arts, education and events.

In the future we aim to return the building to a use which will add value to the Leith Community and generate business in the area.

Please DONATE to support our cause and become an important part of Leith’s bright future.



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