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Café Europa

Four-Day Festival of European Theatre

Events are free and unticketed.   All are welcome.

European participants in The Last Days of Mankind at Leith Theatre, will be joining local artists in a, four-day, mini festival of European Theatre, curated by Siegmar Schroeder of Theaterlabor, Bielefeld, Germany.

Participants from Germany, Poland, France, Ireland and Ukraine will share work chosen to represent their style of theatre and performance.  

There will be an emphasis on theatre as activism.

Among Scottish artists taking part will be punk poet Rodney Relax and Scotsman Fringe First Award winner John McCann who will be performing his one man show about the Rev Iain Paisley.

DAY 1: Thursday November 1

7.30pm   About Café Europa

Members of Theaterlabor Bielefeld introduce the EU project Café Europa, and discuss international collaborations from the past.

 9.00pm   DUPed – John McCann – Dundee, Scotland

Scotsman Fringe First winner John McCann presents DUPed, his one man show about the Rev Ian Paisley.  Based on interviews with campaigners, activists and journalists this docudrama explores Paisley’s legacy.

 10pm Tell Them Our Names - Smashing Times – Dublin

A screening of a short film about five women during World War One recalling moments of bravery, sacrifice and love amidst the horrors of war.

DAY 2: Friday November 2

Association Arsene

Association Arsene

7.30pm Dance With Playing – Plavo Pozoriste – Belgrade, Serbia

Internationally renowned Serbian company Plavo Povoriste in a performance which celebrates movement.

8.30pm Trust and Terror, Rodney Relax, Edinburgh, Scotland

Performance poet Rodney Relax is a stalwart of the Scottish literary scene.  His work tackles politics, ideology and human rights with humanity and humour.

 9.30 pm How to Explain the Tangent Art to a Dead Frog, Association Arsene, Paris, France

The Tangent Art is a series of dada-ist performances based on imaginary artists such as Duchamp Duchamp, Marcel Duchamp’s brother, who is also a butcher.   Association Arsene explore the common ground between theatre and fine art with an anarchic sense of humour.

DAY 3: Saturday November 3

Kultura Medialna

Kultura Medialna

7.30pm A Media Festival in East Ukraine, Kultura Medialna, Ukraine

Members of theatre group Kultura Medialna discuss the role of storytelling and theatre in Dnipro, East Ukraine and how their activities change the face of the city.

20.00pm Spect-act Gavin Crichton Active Enquiry, Edinburgh Scotland

Gavin Crichton, of Active Enquiry presents a short film about Spect-Act, a two year project to create a network of Theatre of the Oppressed working with three companies focusing on addiction, domestic violence and mental illness.
21.00pm Paul, Theaterlabor, Bielefeld, Germany

A performance about the relationship between a father and his autistic child.  It is a story of everyday life, misunderstanding, love and hate, unexpected progress and hope.

DAY 4: Sunday November 4

4pm  Rehearsal fragments.    A look at the different approaches to the material in Karl Kraus’s epic work The Last Days of Mankind.

5pm International Co-operation, Leith Theatre, Scotland

An open discussion about the way European theatre makers have worked together on Project 1568.

7.30 Extracts,  Teatr A Part, Poland

Members of Teatr A Part, Krakowice offer a look at its frank and fearless approach to performance

8.30pm  Secret Ministry of Pestilence, Edinburgh, Scotland

Mark Zygadio, of the Scottish avant garde theatre group Secret Ministry introduces its theatrical investigation into the Black Death, of 1347, which explores the peculiar behaviours and beliefs we develop around disease.

21:30 Maps of Identity.  Anton Romanov, Dnjepropetrowsk, Ukraine

An exploration of the way storytelling examines identity in times of conflict.

Secret Ministry of Dreams 7 by Ronnie Galloway

Secret Ministry of Dreams 7 by Ronnie Galloway