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Strange Town presents 'Friday, October 13th'

Friday, October 13th. The date Demi Tomlinson, the best of the best, went missing. The teenage community she was part of try to piece together who, where, why?

We live in the most average town in our country,

And that will either make you hungry,

For something else...

...Or happy just to stay as you are.

An epic poetic play about community, loss, and the mythology of teenage lives... presented in a physical, choral style. Friday, October 13th is equal parts interrogation room drama, Greek Tragedy and social media feed.

The best of us has vanished out of the blue

Everyone says they know what’s happened to her

But we want to know what’s true

Written by: Drew Taylor-Wilson

Director: Drew Taylor-Wilson
Assistant Director: Charlotte Anderson
Assistant Director: Bradley Lewis Cannon

Cast: Strange Town Youth Theatre

Designer and Stage Manager: Katie Innes
Lighting: Kostas Christakos

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