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Neu! Reekie! Remain in the Light 1

Friday 22nd February Neu! Reekie! presents Remain In Light #1
REMAIN IN LIGHT #1 is the launch of something brand new from Neu! Reekie!

REMAIN IN LIGHT is a new monthly showcase of experimental/avante garde/dissident/outward looking culture featuring an eclectic shapeshifting mix of poetry, music, spoken word, performance art, dance, visual art, science, film, animation & activism.

REMAIN IN LIGHT will be unashamedly internationalist & pro-European in outlook, inspired by the best in contemporary European culture.

The REMAIN IN LIGHT strand will be based at the lushly primed and polished Leith Theatre / Thomas Morton Hall for the whole of 2019. A home in Leith? Whit's no to like.

Who will be performing? Watch this space & keep your eyes and ears tuned to social media or mailing lists or find fond faces.

First tickets loose:

Neu! Reekie! is run and hosted by Michael Pedersen & Kevin Williamson with Kat Gollock and Davie Miller.

'Scotland's favourite avant-garde noisemakers..Neu! Reekie! dismantle the structures and snobberies dividing high and low art - art is for everyone' (The Skinny)
‘A wonderful world of cross-cultural verve' (The List)
‘A triumph' (Sunday Times)