Michael Sheen

Michael Sheen visited on the theatre's 85th Birthday. 
He said "From the very first moment you walk into that space you know you're somewhere special. As a performer it makes you desperate to get up on that stage and as an audience member it makes you crave seeing all your favourite artists up 
there. It has beauty, it has grandeur and not only does it have a glorious past it now also has a truly exhilarating future.” Michael Sheen 

Rod Stewart

"I’ve always had a soft spot for Leith, where my dad grew up and where Penny and I had our sons christened. It’s a creative and exciting area of Edinburgh and making sure the theatre is restored to play a central role in the community and attract people to Leith is a terrific vision. The city needs more good venues for live music and I hope people will get involved in making this ambition come true."

Ewen Bremner

"As someone who benefited hugely from this city's great community arts programs - and the guidance of its generous and creative arts workers, growing up in the 70's & 80's - I can testify to how powerfully my own horizons were expanded by those experiences and encounters. The 'education' I received in those venues and community theatre groups fed my mind massively and challenged me to go beyond my own inhibitions - in ways that have been very influential for me and my relationship with my own work today. This informal 'education' was completely invaluable for me.

I know that Leith Theatre has great potential to foster and feed the hungry young minds of the city and I wish Leith Theatre Trust every success in achieving their fantastic and noble ambitions."

Ewen Bremner

Shirley Manson

As Nietzsche once said "We have art in order not to die from the truth."

In these current Trumpian times we need more than ever to continue to invest in the arts. To preserve and regenerate what is of true cultural value to the city of Edinburgh, building upon the priceless reputation Edinburgh enjoys around the world as a city of culture and friend to the arts.

Please support the Trust to bring back Leith Theatre to full use"

Our Ambassadors

In our bid to transform the whole theatre complex into a creative hub for the community and for top music, dance, theatre and art we have enlisted the support of some fabulously famous people who have a passion for Leith. 

We hope their involvement and belief in the project will help to inspire you to join us in saving this beautiful space for the future.

Irvine Welsh


"I used to play outside the Leith Theatre as a kid and always remember it as an impressive but dormant force. I recall seeing Mott the Hoople play there and thought that this was the start of good times for the impressive space. It wasn't to be and the main Theatre lay empty for several decades. 

Now Leith Theatre is about come of age again. The loss of city centre venues  and the gentrification of Leith, making it no longer a no-go area for tourists, ensure its development as a city-wide resource essential. And it is, and will remain, a hub for the local community.

Please support the Trust and its inspiring vision for bringing the Theatre complex back into full use."

Irvine Welsh

Danny Boyle

Leith has been an important place in my career as a film maker. The main theatre hasn’t been in use through the years I have known the area but the reminiscences and the affection which clearly exist for it give it a magic which I hope will generate the support the Trust needs to get it back on its feet. Leith needs a space to be sociable and creative and to gather the community. Please lend a hand and give your support to this effort and vision to bring the theatre back to life.”

LeithTheatreFund17 - eoincarey_0116.jpg

Mary Moriarty

“I love Leith. I love its people, its sense of life and its sense of humour. It’s a wonderful part of the city as more and more people are noticing! Leith Theatre can really add to the vitality of the community. It would be great to have the place full of music and fun again and I hope everyone from Leith and beyond will get behind the campaign to restore it and to give it a new vision and heart whether through volunteering their time or giving what money they can.”