Michael Sheen wishes a Happy Birthday to Leith theatre.

85 years ago this week Leith Theatre, or Leith town Hall as it was then called and the adjoining Library opened their doors with an official opening from the then Lord Provost Rt. Hon. Sir Thomas B Whitson. The art deco space was for its time state of the art.

Leith Theatre has suffered many indignities since 20th July 1932.

She was bombed and badly damaged on 7th April 1941 and wasn’t restored for some time finally opening again in 1962. This was when Leith Town Hall was upgraded in status to Leith Theatre, the stage was raised and an elegant proscenium arch was designed and installed.

Sadly, once again the Auditorium fell into disuse in 1989 and has lain dormant all but forgotten for 28 years.

This year events such as Hidden Door, Boom Saloons “Creative Riot”, and Luke Pell’s “In the Ink Dark” have been shaking the bones of the now old lady, she’s been dusted and tickled. Her scars are all too obvious and her roof still leeks, but her charm and beauty is undeniable and Leith theatre this week on her 85th Birthday received a very special visit from Hollywood Star Michael Sheen, who couldn’t help but be enamoured and enthused by her faded splendour.

Leith Theatre is on its way to once again becoming a versatile and lively creative hub for Leith. Support its future by coming to gigs, festivals, exhibitions and events here, hiring the space for your events, volunteering, donating and spreading the word!

Happy Birthday Leith Theatre. We love you!

Susie Gray