Lighting up the shore!

We are delighted that the Edinburgh Festivals Expo Fund is to put in £190,000 to enable a music programme to take place in Leith Theatre as part of the Edinburgh International Festival (EIF).  It is 30 years since EIF last put on performances in the theatre, so this is a very welcome return.

The funding will help pay for an extended celebration of Scottish music at the venue from leading folk, pop, rock and indie acts. The EIF programme is called Light on the Shore and the line up will be revealed when the full EIF programme is launched next week.

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The funding is not coming directly to Leith Theatre Trust, but work carried out by EIF to improve the condition of the venue will leave a lasting legacy. 

Jack Hunter, Chair of Leith Theatre Trust, said, “In preparing the theatre to host the Festival’s programme there will also be improvements to the infrastructure which will leave us in a better position ongoing. It’s an exciting time for Leith Theatre and we look forward to showing off our building while being part of one of the city and country’s most acclaimed events.”

Roy Luxford, director of planning at the EIF, said: “As with every venue we use, the festival ensures the infrastructure is appropriate and designed to deliver the performances we present. For Leith Theatre, this will involve preparation and repair work that will make some improvement to the venue after Light on the Shore.”

Susie Gray