Edinburgh International Festival 2019 - Holy Smokes!

Over the past month, Leith Theatre has had the privilege of hosting a series of awe-inspiring performances, giving us a tantalising wee glimpse into a future that once felt so far away but is now beginning to seem like a tangible reality.

Thanks to an overwhelming amount of support and determination from multiple parties (including Collective Architecture, Arup, MPact, David Narro Associates, Deidre Brock MP, Ben Macpherson MSP, Edinburgh International Festival, SP Energy Network, EDF Energy and The City of Edinburgh Council) and the dedication of our small but mighty staff and board, this was the first series of events run on power from Leith Theatre!! No generators required!!

And what a way to explore our new power than with 9 electrifying gigs!

This 2019 Edinburgh International Festival has built relationships and partnerships across sectors, from installing electrical capacity in an “impossible” time-frame, to transforming 5 pop-up bars into a well-oiled pint pouring machine. It truly was our coming of age festival and we are forever grateful to Edinburgh International Festival, for once again, shining the spotlight on this beautiful venue’s potential.

Now, fancy a stroll through memory lane via brilliant images? You’ve come to the right place!

Lynn morrison, executive director, Leith theatre

“It’s been an extraordinary International Festival programme at Leith Theatre this year, with so many highlights. It was quite emotional for me to see some of my favourite gigs of all time in a building that we are working so hard to regenerate. The amazing performances that have followed truly encapsulate all the reasons we need to save this incredible space for generations to come”

ian van tillo, venue manager, leith theatre

“Every time I see the venue in use, it transforms into a beautiful, vibrant chameleon. It’s so inspiring to see the venue through fresh eyes as new faces pour in and take their first look at this wondrous space. The performances this year were world class and have left us with a warm glow Every year, Leith Theatre expands its tiny team, growing to fulfil our commitment to the festival and all that comes with it. This year, more than ever I was humbled by the shear will and dedication of the staff and volunteers at Leith Theatre who are all committed to the venues continued success. We celebrate and share a huge debt of gratitude to all those who have got Leith Theatre to where it is today”

Erin Thompson